Rebellion in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

by monax

My Story is being told in an effort to expose and depose some Abusive Ruling and Teaching Elders at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh; to initiate a conversation on the proper nature and scope of spiritual authority; and as groundwork toward warning the East End neighborhoods of the spiritual dangers they’re likely to find at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Friendship (EPC).

Here’s an excerpt from MY STORY expressly written for the Elders of the 34th General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (June 19-21, 2014):

As “the consequences of sin is death,” so the death knell of the EPC sounded the moment her Divines mandated we all bow to their Evangelical Lie. By making it essential that everyone regard their stronghold of rebellion as a non-essential liberty—her Divines betrayed themselves as speaking in the voice of the Dragon. I implore EPC elders to “become obedient from the heart to the standard of teaching to which you were committed” (Romans 6:15-23), for you have exchanged the Word of God for a lie! And just as Eve was induced by the Liar to doubt, disbelieve and disobey the Word of God, so have You been seduced by the Serpent to Rebel against the Most High.

“Rebellion NOT!” You say. “We have our hermeneutic that proves differently.”

Excellent! Let’s examine your hermeneutic. Please teach me. Nowhere (that I can see) have you grounded in Scripture the rightness of your lawless weapon. So far I’ve only seen offered as reasoned defenses “contradictions of what is falsely called ‘knowledge,’” and mere “speculations and pretensions set against the knowledge of God.”

Please read my story and engage me!

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