Keep Your Religion: I Don’t Want It!

by monax

Joel Marius—Follower of Jesus

[[ partial transcript: ]]

Hey, what-up guys—this is your boy Jo-el.

Just wanted to share some stuff from my heart today.

. . . .

Just want to get really raw and real. So if you’re offended by vulgarity, by me just being myself and talking the way I would talk out of frustration, If you’re offended by me just really sharing about some stuff that might make you uncomfortable—turn this off right now because I’m honestly not going to deal with messages or comments where people are like—O Well you shouldn’t say that, you’re a Christian. . . .

Where I’m at right now:


I think Jesus is amazing; He is so good; He is so loving; He is so real; and He is really just the reason WHY I’m alive.

He reached into the heart of a fifteen-year-old who was feeling down and feeling like nobody loved him, and He brought him back to life six years ago. And that’s my Jesus and that’s why I follow Him.

But if I’m perfectly honest I’ll have to say that I’m at a point where this thing that people call the church—and I’m going to make a distinction between “the bride of Christ” and what people call the “the church,” you know, not the church itself, but what people call “the church”—it’s bullshit.

Instead of becoming a place where: HEY—we’re walking with Jesus. Let’s all come together regardless of whether or not we agree. Let’s all come together, share each other’s hearts and learn from each other.

It’s become a place of—Well you have a belief that I view as heretical, it’s my job to correct you—without having any relationship with you, without having any love to come after you, to correct you and bring you into my vision.

That’s not love, guys!


You’re using Jesus to twist someone into being how you want them.

And, honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that anymore. I am done. I am done.

I have seen how this religious system DAMAGES people so much.

. . . .

Look—I love the fact that there are some amazing pastors and some amazing leaders. I’m not saying this to belittle them or out of disrespect, but when I look at the church the way it is now—there’s NO WAY this is exactly what Jesus intended. There’s no way we’re doing and moving with His heart. There’s no way that this system of HIERARCHY, this system where—You’ve got to SUBMIT to my vision, this system where—You’ve got to be like me and You’ve got to DO this walk with Jesus this way, and walk with Jesus that way. There’s no way this is what Jesus had in mind. There’s no way this is what the Father had in mind.

Like—I’m done with Christians preaching a message that’s not setting people free.

. . . .

All of this is opening my eyes to the fact that I just don’t want to associate myself with Christianity anymore.

I love Jesus, but He’s so much bigger, and He’s much more powerful, and He’s much better than what I’ve seen.

I’ve no doubt that there’s a lot of people who call themselves Christians that are well-meaning amazing people. But, what the world has seen of Christianity—this post-Constantinian, imperialistic, dogmatic RELIGION [[ enlightened laughter ]] is BULLSHIT.

And I want nothing to do with it anymore.

. . . .

I’m going after seeing the realms of His glory and seeing Him face to face.

I’m done with your bullshit. I’m done with your religion. I’m done with your legalism. Once you get delivered of all that and you meet Jesus, come talk to me—we can be boys.