Instructions to a father

by monax

A good father speaks his word and provides instruction.

“That’s dangerous. Don’t do it again,” he might say. And the father leaves it at that. He doesn’t beat or berate his children. The godly father’s correction is a kindness.

The child’s obligation is to obey. And may the father be a trustworthy man so the children may have faith in you as they obey. Trust develops in open, honest, loving communication. Communication is the key. We fathers must be open books, especially since we are fallen creatures.

The good father, at the proper times, opens himself up to examination, it is an opportunity to teach and to learn—to ultimately share discernments. And may the good father have enough faith and wisdom to consider that his beloved child just might possess a keener gift of discernment than he. What godly father on earth wouldn’t want his children to be wiser than he?


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But some kids are bad and disobey instructions

i was a good kid, but i was also a fighter
much of the badness of my childhood was wisdom and warfare
my first priority was protecting myself and my own
[As an adult now, I know how to bear a Sword]

once me mum perceiving-me-bad rebuked me
sent me to my room and told me to memorize:
a soft answer turns away wrath; harsh words stir up anger
I had it already memorized
I was on punishment because I spoke up as a child to a W-O-L-F

me mum sheep was blind
so what was so clear to me would be evident to her
i was more than willing to stir up a little wrath
[The wolf, when threatened exposure will nearly always snap its fangs]

remember this fathers: we are models who model. and hurt people hurt people

David Johnson

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